The Monday 'Joe: All I Want for Christmas Is…

The Monday 'Joe

Mondays are usually slow for news as people start to stir for the coming week. Therefore, every Monday, we will address one topic to start the week and get discussion flowing. It stimulates the week like a cup of coffee, hence the title.

Christmas is coming, and I know what’s on my wish list. What about everyone else?

This week’s question:

Money is no object, but you only get one video game-related item for Christmas, whatever you want. Name your game/system/whatever.

Joshua Moore: Well, if money is truly no object, I would want a BlazBlue Arcade Machine or a DDR Extreme 2 Arcade Machine. I’m pretty sure when I get older and settled, I’m totally going to open an Arcade somewhere.

Realistically speaking, though, I’d probably want an arcade stick for my PS3. I’ve been getting more into fighting games recently, and although only a few are my favorites (BLAZBLUEBLAZBLUEBLAZBLUE, oh, and Tekken), I’ve found that it would probably benefit me to get a stick. The D-pad on my system of choice (the PS3) is kinda bad. Even though it’s a lot better than, say, the 360 or the GameCube/Wii controllers, it’s still thumb-numbingly painful to use excessively and not nearly as accurate as other methods of directional inputs.

Crystal Steltenpohl: Honestly, I’d probably ask for a 360 and some Live time. Yes, I know it’s late in the 360’s life, but it’d give me a chance to play video games with my boyfriend of two years. He currently lives several hours away, and while he has a computer, it isn’t at a level where Steam would work all that fantastically well. I’m sure I have other friends who have 360s that I haven’t seen in forever, and that’d help me rekindle those relationships. That is, assuming I’d even have a lot of time to play, given the whole grad student thing I’ve got going on.

Having a 360 would also give me a greater variety of games to play. I like having variety, and I also like being useful, so a 360 would allow me to review more games for Gaming Bus. That’d be pretty cool.

Besides, there’s probably still some time until we see a newer gen of XBox, I think, probably 2013’s E3 at the earliest. I could be wrong, though. But if money were no object, it wouldn’t matter, would it?

Mel Ngai: Seeing as how Diablo III won’t be out until after the holidays (though I’d really like to play it), the only other game I can think of that I want but don’t yet have is Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. Interestingly, though the styles of both games differ wildly, the appeal both of them have for me centers around one component: the ability to utilize local multiplayer. I’m not an MMO player, so local multiplayer is a big deal for me. As another plus, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land looks like it offers a simple drop-in co-op, meaning either I or whoever I’m with (e.g. my brother) can pop in whenever we feel like it. It helps that everything Kirby-related is really cute, freaky final bosses aside.

I’m pretty sure there’s a joke inherent in mentioning Kirby and Diablo in the same sentence. I just can’t think of it.

Aileen Coe: I feel obligated to say an Xbox 360, preferably with a large hard drive and at least a year of Live, since that’s the only current gen system I don’t own (or at least available to play). It seems like a lot of people (at least those I know) tend to play multiplayer games on Live, so it’d be nice to be able to join them. Plus, there are a bunch of games I’d like to try out on the XBLA like Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes. Also, the ability to cover games on all three current gen consoles would be rather nice.

Failing that, I’d also love a Zelda 3DS bundle. One admittedly shallow reason is that the system itself looks rather spiffy, and I do like me some bling. There are games I’d want to play on the 3DS, such as the sequel to 999 and the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover (if they come here). Of course, there’s also the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time that would be included in the bundle. I’ve used my DS a lot, so a 3DS does seem like a natural progression given that that’s where the focus will be going now.

If I were really greedy, I’d also be throwing in a Vita, but for the purposes of this piece that’s probably pushing it. Still, I would want one with the largest memory card possible, as having to shuffle around and delete games on my current memory sticks can get annoying. Since it’s compatible with PSN games, that would give the Vita a head start in terms of library. That’s big considering the niche titles that have come out on the PSN, like the Cladun game and the recently released Corpse Party. The PSP’s library has really picked up steam in recent years, and hopefully it doesn’t take as long for the Vita’s library to do the same. Plus, it’s more of a multitasker than the 3DS, so that’s useful as well.

Brandon Mietzner: If I were to ask for a game and money were no object, it would be Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Edition. I have spent a lot of time in the Beta, and it is by far the best polished MMO I have had the pleasure of testing this close to release. There is a lot of work that still needs to be taken care of, like server load, but it’s better the DCUO and STO when they were this close beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If I were to think about hardware for my PC, without question it would be another EVGA 580 GTX Hydro Copper 2 1532MB card so I could go three-way SLI. Ever since I went Surround, I have found that micro-stuttering is a an extreme problem with two-way SLI at 5760×1080. The reason for this is because two-way SLI renders one frame on the first card and the next frame on the second card. The problem arises when the information can’t move fast enough for the information to travel to the screen, so the bigger the resolution, the bigger the problem. The reason I want to go three-way SLI is because it renders one frame across all three cards at once, just like a single card, where it does one frame at a time. The micro-stuttering isn’t as much of a problem with three-way SLI, but it’s so much more costly.

The only console or portable device I would like for gaming would be the Vita, with the best memory stick available at time of purchase, of course. I don’t do a lot of portable gaming, but from what I have seen of the Vita, I like it. The 3DS isn’t as impressive to me because it isn’t as flexible of a device; e.g. I can’t put a movie on it. I like my devices to be multitaskers, not one-trick wonders.

Christopher Bowen: I have more or less everything I would need from a system and game standpoint; anything I want, I can buy with my own money.

So what would I want? Easy: an original Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

Why would I want that when I can play Pac-Man literally on any device I own? Because it’s an original freaking Pac-Man cabinet, that’s why!

Christopher Bowen

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