Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 26: Pokemon FireRed (Nuzlocke Challenge)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream. Tonight is likely going to be the most frustrating one I’ve done yet, and considering how I lost my temper during the stream, things aren’t looking good.

Tonight is the Nuzlocke Challenge. This is a way to play Pokémon—in this case, Pokémon FireRed for the GBA—for people that hate themselves. There are many rules, of which I know maybe 10% of them, but here are the keys:

* You can only capture the first Pokémon in an area, and never another one. Ever. If it faints or runs away, or if the moon and the sun aren’t aligned properly, or if someone doesn’t rewind their VHS tape before returning it to the store, you’re stuck for the entire area. Using multiple Pokémon is for pussies!

* If your Pokémon faints, it’s considered dead. Forever. You can never use it again. Ever. Forget the fact that a Pokémon Centre was specifically designed for this type of thing and it completely breaks the balance of the game. Realistic cockfighting, bitches! Reviving Pokémon is for pussies!

* No items. Only Pokémon Centres can be used to heal Pokémon. Forget the fact that the cartoon has items in it and it’s accepted canon. Items are for pussies!

Simply put, this was the most widely requested game on the docket. Everyone wants me to do this Nuzlocke Challenge, which was made by hardcore Pokémon players with nothing else to do in their lives, who desperately need validation by being more hardcore at a children’s game than everyone else. I hate “challenges” like this because in these communities, you’re not “legit” unless you’ve done it. People specifically requested this because they wanted to see me pissed off. They’ve already accomplished their goal, to tell the truth. So come in at 8:30PM (note the time change), and watch the fireworks while they last.

Christopher Bowen

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