Lukewarm Reception to PS Vita in Japan

PlayStation Vita Following the December 17 launch of the PS Vita, outlets such as Industry Gamers have reported that the handheld has received a lukewarm reception in the Japanese market. While some stores had over 100 people in line for the midnight launch, other stores and venues were practically deserted. Others had short lines, and very few stores seemed to be sold out of the reported 700,000 units Sony has shipped to stores.

In fact, the system has sold just 321,407 units so far.
Despite this Hiroshi Kono, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, was pleased with what he saw during launch day.

“I’m so happy to see so many people lining up for PS Vita so early in the morning. I can tell they had anxiously waited for today’s launch.”

The PS Vita launches in Europe and North America on February 22, 2012.

Analysis: Nintendo sold out completely during its launch in Japan, and it was considered a disaster for some reason. Though bear in mind, Nintendo only shipped out 400,000 units at launch while Sony shipped almost double that, so it may just be a case of supply meeting demand. Until we get concrete sales data, it’s all speculation at this point, though it could be bad PR that’s catching up to Sony, what with the Vita being restricted to only one PSN account, having mandatory proprietary memory cards, and charging players to download their old PSP games.

Mohamed Al Saadoon

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