Humble Indie Bundle 4 – Highest Grossing Humble Bundle Yet

Yesterday marked the end of the Humble Indie Bundle 4 sale. The bundle grossed a whopping $2,372,094.56, making it the highest grossing Humble Bundle yet. The previous bundles have brought in anywhere between just under $1 million to $2.16 million with the Humble Indie Bundles pulling in the most money. The Humble Indie Bundles have steadily increased their net totals with every iteration: the previous bundles had total values of $1.27 million, $1.8 million, and $2.16 million for the first, second, and third, respectively.

The fourth Humble Indie Bundle began by featuring Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, Super Meat Boy, Shank, and NightSky HD. In addition, Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+ were included when the buyer paid more than the average price. On December 16th, the soundtracks for each game in the bundle were also thrown in. All were provided in at least MP3 format, but FLAC files were also provided for Shank, Super Meat Boy, and NightSky. OGG files were also provided for Cave Story+. On December 20th, the basic five games from the Humble Indie Bundle 3 pack were also included, complete with soundtracks for all of them. In addition to MP3 format, the soundtracks to VVVVVV and HammerFight were also provided in FLAC and OGG formats, respectively.

The fourth bundle successfully accrued over $1 million in the first day alone, managing nearly half of that within the first three hours of release. It is quite easily the highest value bundle as well, featuring $145 worth of games (not including the cost of soundtracks), provided that a minimum of about $5.45 was paid for the bundle. The bundle featured the Child’s Play and American Red Cross as the recipients of the charitable donations gathered by the bundle. We’ve contacted Jeffrey Rosen to find out exactly how much of the total amount was raised for each charity, but we have not received a response at the time of writing.

Analysis: I predicted this would be the bundle to break records based on the initial contents alone. However, every few days, more content was added to the bundle that inevitably made it the most ludicrously insane sale I have ever seen in the gaming world. Christmas was an appropriate time for this as they were practically giving away a couple hundred dollars’ worth of product for next to nothing. I think this bundle was the best gift I have ever bought myself, and I actually feel guilty for what I paid for it.

This is truly an amazing course of events, and I can only wonder what the next year holds for the Humble Bundle. Several copycats have cropped up since the idea has gained popularity, but this particular bundle I feel has secured its place as the alpha-bundle of the indie gaming world. This is further supported by the remarkable sales seen here. Merry belated Christmas to you, too, Humble Bundle.

Joshua Moore

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