Come Play Borderlands with Us!

Do you have Borderlands for the PC? Are you on Steam? Do you want to play with us tomorrow night? You should! We’re going to need a few more players to play with us tomorrow night at 9:30EST. If you’re interested, please post here or comment on the event page. We may have some people come and go throughout the night, so feel free to watch the stream tomorrow night for your chance to play if you don’t get in on the first round.
Even if Borderlands isn’t your thing, the streams are a great way to connect to other gamers and get information on future LiveStreams and Game Nights. Meet new people and have fun.

If you’re interested in playing with us some other time and meeting other gaming enthusiasts, feel free to join our Steam group. We accept all gamers. Right now, some of our most popular games are Team Fortress 2, Skyrim, and Terraria. Feel free to help us increase our variety of games played. We’ll be happy to have you!


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