Bastion and Super Meat Boy Reach Sales Milestones

Super Meat Boy
According to developer Supergiant Games, Indie adventure title Bastion has sold over 500,000 copies combined across both the XBox 360 and PC platforms. Game writer Greg Kasavin said on Bastion‘s official blog that holiday sales on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade helped push sales. The blog also listed sixty-three awards given to the title in 2011.

As he told Eurogamer:

“Summer of Arcade has done a really great job of championing smaller independent titles that people hadn’t really heard of… That really helps. It raises the profile not just of the individual games but of the entire independent development community and creates more opportunities for other people to get in and do interesting stuff. I think we’re a direct example of that.”

Bastion was first released on XBox Live Arcade in July 2010, with releases on PC in August of this year and on Google Chrome this past month. It has reached an average Metacritic rating of 86 on the 360 and 87 on PC.

Meanwhile, Team Meat’s title Super Meat Boy hit one million sales, as announced by their official Twitter account in a tweet stating, “Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY.” Super Meat Boy was a part of the Humble Indie Bundle 4, which was the highest grossing Humble Bundle yet.

Super Meat Boy was released on XBox Live Arcade in October 2010 and on PC in late November of this year. It has reached an average Metacritic rating of 87 for PC and 90 on the 360.

Analysis: These are some awesome figures to see from indie developers. Both games have been critically acclaimed and held up as standards for indie developer success, and both are sold at reasonable prices (both games are 1200 points on the XBox Marketplace and $15 on Steam). It’s also good news for those calling for the death knells of traditional gaming. Neither game is free-to-play nor have they gone anywhere near mobile gaming, it seems.

I think it really goes to show that if you work to put out quality work, you can do some pretty amazing things despite the rate of piracy we’re seeing these days. People will support you if you put out quality and don’t screw over the gamers who want to enjoy your titles. I remember reading an interview this summer with Team Meat where they basically didn’t care about piracy, that they cared about who was playing the game and who was telling their friends about it. I think we should care about piracy, but I kind of like that mentality. Focus on putting out a good product. The rest will come with it—with hiccups, of course, but it will come.

I managed to nab Super Meat Boy when Josh Moore gifted me the latest Humble Indie Bundle, but I haven’t yet been able to get Bastion even though it’s on my Steam wish list. I wish Supergiant Games and Team Meat the best of luck in 2012 and I hope they continue to bring quality titles to the gaming community.


Note: Sales numbers come from the developers themselves, but they could not be verified by an independent source.


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