Multiverse Developer Closes, Platform Lives On (registration required) is reporting that Multiverse, an online technology development studio, has ceased operations as of December 2011 due to lack of funding. The company was founded in 2004 and brought the first version of their platform to market in 2006.

As a proof of concept, in 2008 the company expanded their support for their platform to work with web-based games and virtual worlds.

The company released Battle, Team Battle, and Battle: Realms at War on Facebook and other Flash game portals. They also created promotional games for McDonald’s and CocaCola to support the release of the motion picture, Avatar, in December 2009. At one point, the company was also developing an MMORPG based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. Multiverse gave this statement in regards to their closing:

“Although thousands of developers showed interest in the Multiverse Platform, Multiverse wasn’t able to achieve a profitable business model. As a result, Multiverse ceased operations in December 2011 due to lack of funding.”

Multiverse has also mentioned that some individuals are going to make a non-profit foundation to support those who wish to use and continue using this technology. The technology can be accessed here and the support forums for it here.

Analysis: Multiverse’s ambition was to bring low-cost development tools to companies who were trying to break into the online market, but unfortunately, this wasn’t very successful. I would say that, in my own personal opinion, it’s because they never became very successful with the titles they released or created for other companies. I personally wouldn’t invest in something that has failed to perform and neither would any company that I know of, for that matter. It doesn’t matter how low-cost it is, as the case seems to be here.


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