Blog: Vote For The Next RPG Chat Game (For Real This Time)

For those of you who pay attention to RPG Night, I recently finished Tales of Phantasia. As per a vote on my personal weblog on Livejournal, the next game picked was Live a Live, a quirky, experimental Squaresoft RPG that never left Japan. It has an outstanding patch, so we figured that with some guidance, we could get through the game with no issues.

Two hours later, even our chat regulars were tuning out, the person who was the game’s biggest supporter (Lorekky) was getting frustrated at the pace (quote: “I now remember why I never beat this twice, this is atrocious design”), and I was actually screaming for the game to fuck itself. This wasn’t humourous; this was literal, actual exasperation at a game I was playing against my will.

Due to this, and the fact that I’m not the only one suffering, I’ve decided to use executive privilege (read: “fuck this, this sucks”) and end the Live a Live chat. Simply put, it’s not worth it.

So we’re going to vote for the next game. These are more traditional JRPGs, and aren’t as experimental as the last ones. And this time, I’m opening the vote up to everyone.

Voting will end on Wednesday night at 1700 EST.

With ‘Bus calling “executive privilege” on Live-A-Live, what should the next RPG Chat game be?
 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PS1)
 Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
 Breath of Fire (SNES)
 Phantasy Star IV (GEN)
 Destiny of an Emperor (NES)
 Xenogears (PS1) free polls 
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