Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 32: Dungeon Defenders

Welcome to the third monthly Gaming Bus Game Night! Last week’s stream was cancelled because of weather- and hockey-related issues, but this week’s is strong. Last month for game night, we played Borderlands. This week, me and two of our lovely ladies—Webmistress Crystal Steltenpohl and regular reader/stream viewer Helen “Lorekky” Donaldson—will play Dungeon Defenders, a tower defence/action RPG hybrid.

Basically, the game involves building obstructions and then battling enemies who get caught up in them. It’s part tower defence and part Dark Chronicle. The dry run we did yesterday was a good time, and we should have a fun time of things tonight for real. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s a server option, so there’s no way to switch back and forth between players for the stream. Instead, the game will be viewed tonight from my perspective.

Still, it should be a fun time. Will I be reduced to cursing and drinking sake? Will Crystal dominate gameplay as her Lv. Holy Shit character? Just how awesome is Helen’s extremely heavy Australian accent? Find out at 9:30PM EST!

Christopher Bowen

About Christopher Bowen

Christopher Bowen is the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus. Before opening Gaming Bus in May of 2011, he was the News Editor at Diehard GameFAN, a lead reporter for DailyGamesNews, and a reviewer at Not A True Ending, also contributing to VIMM, SNESZone and Scotsmanality. Outside of the industry, he is a network engineer in Norwalk, CT and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.