Disney Buys Out Ignition Entertainment Parent Company UTV

UTV Ignition EntertainmentDisney has bought out UTV, the India media corporation that’s the parent company of Ignition Entertainment, making last year’s reports that they would become a reality. Prior to the acquisition, Disney owned 50.4% of UTV’s equity share capital. It plans to delist UTV’s stocks from the stock market and gain control through a subsidary, which will let Disney fully integrate UTV in a bid to increase its brand presence in India. Disney also procured Indiagames, one of the largest mobile companies in India, as a result of the acquisition.

Among Ignition’s releases are El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Deadly Premonition, and King of Fighters XII. It closed some of its internal studios last year and stopped developing games after the release of El Shaddai.

Analysis: UTV has been struggling for quite a while, so for it to be absorbed by a large company like Disney isn’t surprising. However, Disney’s focus on a more casual audience over the core one means that the localization of upcoming Vanillaware title Dragon’s Crown is in jeopardy. Ignition’s localizations haven’t exactly been top of the line, as can be seen with Arc Rise Fantasia and especially Lux Pain, so if another localization company could get the rights to them and other Vanillaware titles, it would be for the better. Still, the loss of a company that releases niche games is never something to rejoice, and it remains to be seen how this will affect future releases.


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