Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 35: King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (Steam)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream! Tonight is a special night: we’re doing our very first giveaway! We’ll be playing King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame. This is my first time playing the game, and while Brandon didn’t rate the game high, my understanding is that there’s a good game underneath the (likely patched since) bugs. Either way, I’m a fan of strategy games like this—picture Total War with Excalibur—and I’ll have an added bonus for fans of hearing me swear: I won’t be doing any silly tutorials for a very involved game. I’ll be blindly feeling my way through, ho!

Throughout the stream, I’ll be giving away the four groups of prizes I listed here. How will I be doing it? Come in to find out, though I recommend brushing up somewhat on both King Arthur’s history first as well as Gaming Bus’s!

Just a few disclaimers:

1) One prize per person.
2) Staff members and family of staff members are ineligible (sorry, Stephen)
3) If there’s a problem with KAII (possible, Steam was giving me problems last night), I’ll switch up to the first game.

Tonight at 9:30PM EST, the festivities start! I look forward to seeing everyone!

Christopher Bowen

About Christopher Bowen

Christopher Bowen is the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus. Before opening Gaming Bus in May of 2011, he was the News Editor at Diehard GameFAN, a lead reporter for DailyGamesNews, and a reviewer at Not A True Ending, also contributing to VIMM, SNESZone and Scotsmanality. Outside of the industry, he is a network engineer in Norwalk, CT and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.