Hideo Kojima Hiring for "Next MGS"

Hideo Kojima has revealed via his Twitter account that he’s currently hiring for the “next MGS.” The team is seeking people to fill game design, sound, art, programming, and production positions. A link was also provided by Kojima to a GDC job portal named “Big Boss Wants You: The ‘Next’ MGS.”

This accompanies news that Kojima Productions is also interested in opening a new studio in California, given that they can “find the right people,” as producer Kenichiro Imaizumi later Tweeted himself. The game in question will be utilizing the Fox Engine and is being developed for “high-end consoles and PC.”

On past occasions, Kojima has claimed he wanted to step away from the Metal Gear Solid series and try something new, but he has also made it clear that he doesn’t want to disappoint his loyal following.

Analysis: Gamers everywhere were shocked when it was revealed what the new spin-off title, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, had become in the hands of Platinum. Complaints were based generally on the fact it was too over the top and didn’t really have the same tone and vibe a game in the Metal Gear series was supposed to have. This led to many exclaiming they wanted a new traditional MGS installment. While this is by no means an “official” statement that a new MGS game is in development, it would be safe to assume that one will be in production in the near future.

As a big fan of the MGS series, I was looking forward to Metal Gear Rising. Sure, it wasn’t a true sequel and neither does it have any real similarity to any previous game in the series, but I’m eagerly anticipating the title since I generally like Platinum’s games. The main complaint, that the game was too unrealistic, makes no sense to me. I mean, Raiden did manage to stop a moving submarine of epic proportions with just his body, sword, and a bit of luck in Metal Gear Solid 4.

It’s interesting that Kojima Productions is looking to build a new studio in California right now. I for one thought the company would’ve considered it sooner as the Metal Gear series is greatly influenced by Western culture.

What console this game may be in development for hasn’t been stated, and I have a feeling it might be for the next generation of consoles. The timing of it all, as well as the game not being in development as of yet, seems to indicate that would be the case, but this is merely my opinion.

When will the unveiling occur, though? I presume not for quite a while based on the widespread hiring by Kojima Productions, but the idea that a new MGS is coming somewhere down the line is exciting enough for most people. I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for Kojima. He sounds like he’s trapped working on a game that he wants a break from purely because fans of the series want another title so avidly. Hopefully, this doesn’t affect the development of the game and its story.

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