First Edition PS Vita Bundles Sell Out

Sony has recently confirmed that they’ve “sold out their pre-launch bundles” of the PlayStation Vita whilst also detailing the reasoning behind the recently system’s proprietary memory cards. During an interview with GameSpot, Sony SVP of brand marketing Guy Longworth reiterated that Sony has long term plans for the Vita, going as far to call it a “five-to-ten year platform” similarly to the PlayStation 3.


He claimed that, with 26 titles at launch and over 100 in development worldwide, the Vita is definitely all about the software and wouldn’t face the same issues that plagued the PSP. Longworth went on to answer a popular question about the memory cards:

There are many different types of memory out there, and what we have is a very high-end piece of flash memory that comes in an extraordinarily small size. What we’re trying to do is make sure that the gamer has the best possible experience and the proprietary memory we think gives gamers the best possible experience because we can very much control that memory and make sure it’s the highest possible quality.

Longworth went on to mention that, as of this writing, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was the best-selling piece of software. He also clarified on his statement to Eurogamer that Naughty Dog would be making games for the PS Vita, stating:

I think I was slightly misquoted. I was asked the question which studios will be making games for Vita, and my answer to that question was, “A lot of our studios.” I might have said “all” by mistake–that’s not impossible. But a large number of our studios are currently making Vita games is the fact of the matter. Naughty Dog currently aren’t. So if I caused any confusion, I’m sorry about that.

Analysis: It’s good to see the PS Vita has at least a promising start in the West, judging from Longworth’s comments. Sony as a whole appears to know the issues that held the PSP back from becoming the successful handheld it could’ve been and have at least attempted to rectify that with the Vita.

It’s somewhat disappointing but not at all surprising that Naughty Dog is currently not developing anything for the Vita. With The Last of Us in development and being a large undertaking, Naughty Dog generally decided to develop for high-end consoles, as they tend to like to push the hardware to the limit. The success of Uncharted is not at all unexpected, though, as everybody I know who bought a Vita was excited to pick up the game.

On a slightly different note, I’ve never appreciated how Sony creates a new format of memory or what have you that only works with their products, and it appears very much as just a greedy, controlling act by the company. It forces people to buy fairly overpriced accessories that are pretty much essential to getting the most out of your system, adding an additional cost to what you’ve already invested. It just creates another type of memory format for no real good reason other than their claims that it provides the highest possible quality. I’ve also heard that it’s also used as another roadblock for would-be pirates and hackers, but how successful that will be remains to be seen.


Disclaimer: Exact sales figures could not be verified at the time of press.

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