Killzone 3 Receives Free-to-Play Mulitplayer Component

During the latest PlayStation Blogcast, Sony revealed that Killzone 3 will receive a free-to-play multiplayer component next week on the PlayStation Network. It will contain a standalone version of the game’s multiplayer aspect, with the single-player campaign not being included. All the games maps, available DLC, and game modes will be made available for download

The download works similarly to a timed demo but instead allows players to reach the level of Sergent 1, where the players’ progress will then cease.

For the “full experience,” players will have to pay $15, entitling you to free unlockable points, the ability to create clans, access to the Botzone Mode, and a one-day double-XP bonus.

Analysis: You have to give props when they’re due, and I must say, this is a brilliant idea by Sony. Allowing players free access to a game’s multiplayer component as a standalone item in what is a very extensive demo that doesn’t hinder one’s experiences at all is a great way to generate new sales.

An influx of new players will open up the game once again and boost its longevity, and those who do enjoy the game enough can simply pay the $15 for full access, which is a very reasonable price. I can only hope that Sony begins a trend that allows this practice to become a more regular occurrence, especially with games many people may have missed or been on the fence on about.

Nathan Wood

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