Live Stream Schedule for March 2012

Apologies for last week’s missed stream. However, with hockey now officially out of the way, we can actually plan around streams again without my having to worry about getting up at 5:30AM to go to some dilapidated rink in some God-forsaken town I’d never heard of before getting my assignment. So therefore, I can plan going forward!

Friday, March 9th – Fortune Summoners (PC)
Friday, March 16th – The Immortal (Genesis)
Friday, March 23rd – Shining Force II (Genesis)
Friday, March 30th – GAME NIGHT! Board Game Extraveganza (various)

Board Game Extraveganza could be one of many games. I might even throw in some game shows (think Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud) depending on how things go. Maybe we’ll see a return of Monopoly! And with it, the return of Aileen and DTN, our easy marks— I mean, uh, our rookie players!

This looks to be a fun month, stream-wise! It also looks to be fun in the sense of my not having to kill myself to get them going! I’m all for that!

Christopher Bowen

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