Sega Not Publishing Any More Marvel Games

Marvel Avengers AllianceTQ Jefferson, vice president of games production at Marvel, announced in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there are no plans for Sega to publish any more releases of video game adaptations of Marvel films. This decision was made after Disney acquired Marvel. Previous Marvel games published by Sega include the adaptations of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Jefferson explained the lack of movie-based games with the following:

In my opinion, the biggest afflictions affecting movie-licensed games is the amount of development time and a strict adherence to retelling the story of the film in the form of a game. The former is easy to understand — less development time means less time to design, produce and polish the game, resulting in a poor or lesser-quality experience. The latter is a little more subtle, but I can sum it up thusly: If a development team were to follow a film’s plot line to the letter, then you would have a two-hour experience with a bunch of thugs and one boss fight. That’s simply not how we define “movie licensed console game,” now or ever. In order to hit the expected amount of gameplay, you need to embellish, add additional characters, story, subplots and objectives to make a more robust and satisfying experience. That’s where a lot of movie licenses fall down – lack of content.

The latest game from Marvel is Avengers Alliance on Facebook. There are also plans to launch Marvel Heroes, the first Marvel MMO to be launched with Gazillion.

Analysis: I haven’t played any of the movie-based games Sega released, so I can’t vouch for their quality either way. However, Jefferson is right on both counts as to why movie-based video games tend to fall short quality-wise, though the Spider Man games based on the Toby Maguire movies aren’t bad. It remains to be seen how the change in publisher will affect anything, but I don’t see it having much of an impact.


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