Apple Announces New iPad

At a press event yesterday morning in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a new unnamed iPad. As one would expect, the new rendition of the device will sport a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and clocks in at 256ppi, the highest in a mobile device to this date. Weighing at a total of 1.4 lbs. and the battery lasting about 10 hours, the size and shape remains relatively similar to that of the iPad 2.


The new device is being run by an A5X processor and a quad-core graphics card claimed to be four times the performance of the Tegra 3. It also boasts having a  5MP camera with autofocus features, the ability to record 1080p video, voice diction, and LTE 4G connectivity.

The providers of the LTE service for the new iPad that are known of right now include AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Bell, and Telus. However, the Verizon and AT&T versions of the iPad are said to be different.

“In many ways the iPad is reinventing portable computing, and it’s outstripping the wildest of predictions,” CEO Tim Cook told the audience, before adding that Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices in 2011 alone. Apple also confirmed a new model of Apple TV, said to be in 1080p utilizing iOS and will be on sale by March 16 for $99.

The new iPad is to be released on March 16 in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Canada. It will be released on March 23 elsewhere, with pricing following the same scale as the iPad 2: 16GB for $500, 32GB for $599, 64GB for $699.

Analysis: Speculation has been running wild lately about what the third-generation of the tablet would bring and what it would look like, but very few questioned that the press event would be for a new iPad. It’s somewhat disappointing that the price has remained steep, but with so much success selling at that price for inferior products, you can’t blame Apple for selling the new iPad for the same.

Nobody can deny any longer the affect Apple has had on the gaming industry with their iDevices. They’re offering easily portable devices that can provide a multitude of quality games on a device that isn’t primarily made for gaming and doubles as a smart device. Apple has captured a large share of the market for portable gaming, to the point where a lot of people were concerned about the 3DS and PS Vita’s chances of success as dedicated gaming devices only. More so, what Apple has done with the App Store has undoubtedly changed and shaped the way we think about how small games are to be priced and sold, especially in the face of Nintendo and Sony’s pricing for their smaller titles.

With the biggest initial global roll-out ever, being offered both in black and white in ten countries next Friday, Apple has put themselves in a great position to continue the hype around the product, with high sales being almost guaranteed, backed up by a recent survey that found “nearly one-third of mobile users will buy the new iPad.”

As technology continues to improve, and games like Infinity Blade: Dungeons which was shown at the event, visuals and deep gameplay may not be too far away from being obtainable by a product like the iPad. Razer’s gaming tablet that was shown a few months ago is proof of that. For now, of course, there’s still a place in the market for dedicated gaming devices. However, with the progression of Apple’s devices and tablets as a whole, how long this will stay true remains unknown.

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