Ubisoft Montreal Removes 4 Creative Directors from Rainbow 6

According to Game Informer’s resources, Ubisoft has decided to change the team behind the upcoming Rainbow 6 Patriots by removing creative director David Sears, lead designer Philippe Therien, narrative director Richard Rouse III, and animation director Brent George.

Ubisoft has since issued an official statement:

“David Sears is no longer on the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots team and the new Creative Director is Jean-Sebastien Decant. The development team is still hard at work to deliver the next instalment of the revered Tom Clancy series and more details on the game will be revealed at a later date.”

Since the news broke, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yanis Mallat has since confirmed that David Sears’ original vision for the title remains pretty much intact: “We’re definitely going on with Rainbow, too, evolving the vision that came from David’s initial input,” claims Mallat. He went on to confirm also that Sears is still employed by Ubisoft Montreal, moving him onto “a major project for a major brand.”

With a tentative release window of 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, how the restructuring of the development team will impact the final product from here on out remains to be seen.

Analysis: Many consumers, myself included, wonder why Ubisoft would make such an aggressive move and stray from such a thought-provoking and promising concept in the increasingly unoriginal first-person shooter market. Promising a narrative that shifted the player’s perspective between everyday citizens, Team Rainbow, and the True Patriots, it was a story that could’ve potentially resonated with a large amount of people in today’s society even though some claimed it hit a little too close to home.

I would hope that they’d stick to that original story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ubisoft decided to move away from that to avoid a large amount of public backlash about the story content.

I’m going to go off track and just say that, at this point, I honestly think developers are best left not listening to their fanbase or take what they say into account as much as they currently do. Look at what BioWare is going through right now with Mass Effect 3: so-called “fans” are attacking Mass Effect 3’s Metacritic page for some valid reasons and some incredibly sad ones. At the end of the day, we as the gamers don’t know how to build a game, and when we do give input into a game, we complain that the companies changed it or that it’s implemented wrong.

Gamers are a finicky group and developers need to acknowledge that. It’s great they take into account what we think, but in the end, their the ones who make the games and need to trust themselves in what they’re doing.

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