Blog: Square Enix Coy on Final Fantasy Versus XIII Release Info

Famitsu recently interviewed Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura, where he commented on the development of the final title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

His statement was brief and vague with his comment, only stating he’s nearly completed work on information relating to the game and will share it in “the near future.” He refused to elaborate on this message.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first announced in 2006 alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0 (originally Final Fantasy Agito XIII).

If Nomura were put on the spot by Famitsu and asked explicitly about the progress on Final Fantasy Versus III but couldn’t really divulge information, that would be one thing. However, from the text of the source, it seemed Nomura himself put Versus XIII in the limelight with his vague announcement of an announcement.

I’m gonna give Nomura the benefit of the doubt and assume Famitsu brought the issue up because constantly teasing fans of a game that’s been in development for over six years is a stupid move all round and is a really annoying new trend in video games: “The announcement of an announcement.” That’s annoying by itself without the added stigma of being attached to a game with a development cycle approaching Duke Nukem Forever levels of silliness.

Mohamed Al Saadoon

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