Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition to Launch June 18 as Pokémon Conquest

According to a press release given by Nintendo, a new Pokémon game entitled Pokémon Conquest will launch on June 18, 2012. This game was released in Japan and known as Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition. The game will feature the players as a warlord who has a Pokémon companion. The warlord’s quest is to recruit warriors and battle in a feudal Japan-type setting.

The full press release is as follows:

A creative new entry in the Pokémon family of video games delivers a new way for fans to enjoy this legendary series on the Nintendo DS family of systems. Pokémon Conquest, set to launch on June 18, offers a fun new way to play Pokémon in a unique world called Ransei that is filled with adventure. Developed by TECMO KOEI GAMES Co., Ltd., the 2D game can also be played on the Nintendo 3DS system.

In Pokémon Conquest, players take on the role of a young Warlord who is linked with a Pokémon. Together, they must set out to recruit Warrior allies to strengthen their growing kingdom. Along their journey, players will encounter a variety of Pokémon, as well as Warriors and Warlords inspired by the Japanese feudal era. The game contains nearly 200 Pokémon, including many from the recent Pokémon Black Version and games, which have sold more than 4 million copies combined in the United States.

As the battlefield unfolds in Pokémon Conquest, players must choose the correct Pokémon type to inflict maximum damage on their opponents. In the turn-based skirmishes, players choose different tactics for intense six-on-six battles, and battle conditions can change on every turn, keeping players on their toes in anticipation of what will happen next.

“Pokémon fans are always interested in playing in new environments and experiencing new adventures,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Pokémon Conquest gives them an entirely new way to enjoy this beloved series, with exciting new settings, fierce battles and nearly 200 Pokémon to team up with.”

For more information about Pokémon Conquest, visit www.pokemon.com.

Analysis: Well, that’s an interesting concept. I have to say, with this title they’re working on, they’re definitely branching out with games that don’t seem to be targeted to five-year-olds (for example, PokéPark). This actually sounds like a game I might be interested in playing, if it’s done well enough. Some are going to say that Nintendo is really milking this franchise–which, of course, is what you do with a franchise; you’re not saying anything dramatic or insightful there. However, I prefer stuff like this over just remaking the game and porting it to another console.

The only thing that’s irritating about this is that there are only 200 Pokémon available. I’m getting a bit tired of Nintendo not offering all the Pokémon in the Pokémon universe. I realize that it would be a lot of work to include all 649 Pokémon, but that’s kind of their fault for making so many. Pokémon fans want a game where you can actually catch them all. I guess this is fine because it’s a side game instead of an actual game—I liked Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs just fine and it only had around 300 Pokémon—but I just found myself groaning when I saw that only 200 could be teamed up with.

I don’t know. I’m actually pretty interested in this title. It has the chance to be a fresh title for the franchise and something worth putting some time into.


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