Campaign for Gay Rights Backs EA After Receiving “Mail Attack”

Recently a campaign rose to support Electronic Arts’ decision to keep the gay romance scenes in their titles in response to the thousands of messages, both in printed and electronic form, demanding that those scenes be eliminated. The campaign is question has already reached 65,000 signatures after just a few days.

The signatory goal of 75,000 is expected to be reached by Wednesday, helped greatly by the publicizing of the campaign by celebrities Stephen Fry and Charlie Brooker. However, it has become apparent that a fair number of the signatures are from automated bots, greatly exaggerating the true number of supporters.

The publisher has been backed by a large number of industry members since news broke about the attack.

EA has branded the letter to be “political harassment” and has refused to bow down to the pressure that is being applied from the campaigners.

Analysis: Gay rights is a hotly debated issue in many countries, including my own. I personally am firmly on the side of the gay right activists and EA’s stance on the matter. Let me begin by stating that people are honestly getting mad over something that is entirely optional. I can’t stress that point enough. It’s material that can be ignored completely, never even having to come into your life and “affecting” you, and this is before I point out that it’s within the realm of a video game. I’m sorry, but this is absolutely pathetic.

Let’s say you’re playing Mass Effect or Dragon Age, two games that do have gay options. If you choose to commit to a gay relationship, as far as I’m concerned, you lose all rights to complain. You’re the one who pursued it in the first place. You could’ve easily avoided the whole option, remaining entirely unaware that the material was even in the game.

As one could tell, I’m pretty worked up about this. The only other thing I have to add is that I applaud EA. Keep in mind that this is a company that I have strongly criticised on more than one occasion, to put it mildly. However, this is a move I solidly back them on. As far as I’m concerned, this move is just another sad endeavor in bullying a company into matching someone else’s religious beliefs, and frankly, it will be another failure.

Nathan Wood

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