Aksys Games Partners with Rising Star Games to Distribute Titles

Localization turned publisher Aksys Games, known for their work localizing and publishing titles such as Blazblue, Guilty Gear, and Record of Agarest War, has announced a partnership with Europe-based publisher Rising Star Games Inc. Aksys Games will exclusively distribute all of Rising Star Games’ 2012 North American line-up, beginning with Akai Katana for the Xbox 360 which is slated for a release later this Spring.

In a press release, founder and CEO of Aksys Games Akibo Shieh went on to say:

“We are happy and proud to become an important role in introducing Rising Star Games’ video games to the U.S. market. We believe Rising Star Games can effectively launch and expand their business in the North American territory by utilizing our in-house sales and logistic resources. At the same time, we are very confident that our combined efforts will create a synergy and increase brand awareness for both Rising Star Games and Aksys Games.”

The President of Rising Star Games, Martin Defries, has expressed great excitement in the partnership:

“I am excited to finally bring Rising Star Games’ compelling video games to the USA. We have, in line with our approach to publishing in Europe these past years, decided to come to the market by partnering with experts in their field. Aksys Games offers an expertise and know-how that will define our success across 2012.”

Analysis: With the likes of publishers like Nintendo dragging their feet or at times not even localizing their games at all, it’s great that companies like Aksys are there to localize games for North America that we would otherwise never get to see. Akai Katana is described as a side-scrolling bullet hell shooter set in a parallel world that resembles Japan’s Taisho period.

I see the newly formed partnership only benefiting both companies, with Rising Star expanding into a whole new territory with the help of Aksys Games and both companies increasing in brand awareness. I can only hope more partnerships like this can arise in the future to bring some of the more niche and unique titles stateside.

Nathan Wood

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