Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 39: Uniracers (SNES)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream. Last week, we played Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and beat it. I’m impressed! I was able to beat it without having to restart, too. Even though I burned both of my continues1, I was able to defeat the game after not having played it for almost twenty years. Pretty impressive, I must say. We also debuted my system streams as I played a little bit of Warriors Orochi 3.

This week is strange. I picked Uniracers before the week started, and I intend on keeping that as I think Uniracers is an underrated gem from the 16-bit era. However, tonight’s Friday the 13th. That puts me in a unique spot. It means I’m almost obligated to play the NES game of the same name. However, that game sucks more than a freshly bagged Hoover vac. Decisions, decisions. Chances are good my night will be 50% fun, at least.

Please join us at 9:30 tonight!

1 – People have hinted that I used savestates. This is obviously nonsense. I blame Republicans.

Christopher Bowen

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Christopher Bowen is the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus. Before opening Gaming Bus in May of 2011, he was the News Editor at Diehard GameFAN, a lead reporter for DailyGamesNews, and a reviewer at Not A True Ending, also contributing to VIMM, SNESZone and Scotsmanality. Outside of the industry, he is a network engineer in Norwalk, CT and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.