Former THQ Developers Form New Studio Three Phase Interactive

Three Phase Interactive is a new independent studio in Australia formed by the trio of Paul Baker, Chris Burns, and Drew Morrow. All three are former senior THQ developers who previously worked at Blue Tongue Entertainment, the developer of de Blob, before it was closed down last year due to restructuring at THQ.

Paul Baker, technical director of Three Phase Interactive, had this to say:


“All three of us got started in the industry by diving in and making stuff – games, mods, animation, artwork… It’s so exciting that we can get back to those DIY roots and just focus on making a game together and bringing it to market without all the red tape and organisational overhead of a large studio.”

Stunt Jumper is to be the newly formed studio’s first title that’s set for release on iOS devices in the middle of 2012. Stunt Jumper is said to contain cartoon-influenced 2D visuals with an emphasis on vehicle modifications.

Analysis: The opening of Three Phase Interactive isn’t the first studio to rise from former employees of Blue Tongue as the two original founders of the former company, Shane Stevens and Steven Spagnolo, formed the casual games company Twiitch earlier in the year. Paul Baker has embraced and appreciates the newfound freedom of working on a title without the influence of a larger studio, and I’m curious to see how their first title pans out later this year.

I’m glad to see that former employees of bigger companies have been able to find a new studio within the industry because it’s not always an easy endeavour, especially if you’re opening your own studio. The last few years have been kind to Australia on the indie gaming scene with a rise in quality indie developers, including developers such as Halfbrick Studios and 3 Sprokets popping up. Hopefully, Three Phase Interactive can enjoy the same level of success in the future.

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