New Beta of Steam Client Allows Remote Installations

Valve has recently announced on the official Steam forums that a new Steam Beta client will bring remote installation to the service, allowing players to trigger an installation on their home computer by using Steam on their web browser or mobile device. The player’s home computer will need to remain on and run Steam before it will work.

To enable access to the update, players will need to access their account details, click on the Change button, and allow the Steam Beta update. The new Steam client update also comes with a few changes, including reducing excessive memory usage while downloading certain updates and the addition of debug code to diagnose download issues.


Analysis: This new feature is certainly a very welcome addition to many avid Steam users’ interaction with the service. However, I do have to stress caution to those susceptible (especially myself) to impulsively purchasing titles from Steam and their sales before enabling the new Beta Client.

Valve has simply made the process of making impulsive purchases easier with access now possible outside of the household. Being able to decide which titles in your library to download while you’re out and leaving your home computer to do the rest is a great option to have and beyond useful. Once any issues that may crop up are ironed out, I would expect to see the feature in an official build.

Nathan Wood

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