Indie Royale Announces All-Charity Pack

Indie Royale has announced its All-Charity Pack, which contains four games: Osmos, B.U.T.T.O.N, The Shivah, and Blueberry Garden. It also includes three chiptune albums/EPs for those who pay $7 USD or their country’s currency equivalent: Jake Kaufman’s FX4, Disasterpeace’s Level, and 6955’s IN1ep. 100% of the proceeds are going to four charities: UNICEF’s Haiti aid, Amnesty International, the EFF, and ActionAid.

Osmos is available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Windows, and Linux on Desura, and will be DRM-free on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the game, you play as a cell who grows by absorbing other motes in a dream-like world with physics-based gameplay. Creators Hemisphere Games chose Amnesty International as their charity because of their work in helping political prisoners.

B.U.T.T.O.N. is available for Windows on Steam, Desura, and is DRM-free. B.U.T.T.O.N. is a physical party game for two to eight players developed by the Copenhagen Game Collective with music by Nifflas. According to the developers, the goal is to race to your controller through physical space and do whatever it takes to win or avoid losing. Copenhagen Game Collective chose the EFF as their charity because of their work with digital rights policy, free speech, and privacy.

The Shivah is available for Windows on Desura and is DRM-free. In the game, you play as Russell Stone, a Jewish Rabbi at a poor synagogue in New York City who has recently found that a former member of his congregation has died and left the Rabbi a significant amount of money. As Russell, you travel around Manhattan to find out the truth behind the donation. Developer Wadjet Eye Games chose ActionAid as their charity because they help to “level the playing field, providing and teaching basic human rights and needs like healthcare, clean water and (most importantly) education, in order to stop the cycle of poverty once and for all.”

Blueberry Garden is available for Windows on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free. In the game, you play as a creature investigating a mysterious world to find out what is going on. Developer Erik Svedang chose UNICEF for its ongoing involvement in Haitian reconstruction and recovery efforts

More information can be found at the Indie Royale’s web site.

Analysis: I always support these kinds of bundles because I know that fundraising can be very difficult. Osmos is a highly rated game that Humble Indie Bundle purchasers are likely aware of already. Meanwhile, Blueberry Garden won Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival, making this a solid purchase for those two games alone. The Shivah and B.U.T.T.O.N. seem like games off the beaten track, which indie gamers should love.

What also interests me is the music that’s available with this pack. Jake Kaufman composed for Shantae, which we’ve featured on our Livestreams, and has very good music. Disasterpeace composed for Fez, and 6955 composed for Super Time Force. These are all talented composers and it’s very nice to see them toss their hats into the ring toward a pack that should really help four deserving charities.

So go out and get this if you have the money. If you don’t already have Osmos from getting a Humble Indie Bundle in the past, now’s your chance thanks to Indie Royale. They’ve already raised over $8,000 at the time of writing and there’s about four days left, so you don’t have too much time to nab this.


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