Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 43: Adventure Island: The Beginning (Wii)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream. Last week, I got a harsh lesson in just how cruel the games of my youth could be. After spending two continues getting through the very first stage of Data East’s cut-rate Choplifter clone Cobra Command, I was devastated to learn on my first death of the second stage that there would not be a third continue, relegating an hour and a half’s worth of work to being completely meaningless and turning me into a blathering blob of frustration. I then decided it was now Data East night, where I proceeded to find out a dirty secret: most of Data East’s games were either highly generic or were cut-rate versions of other, better games. The arcade version of Cobra Command was one of the better pretenders, but ultimately, it was a second-rate Gradius, including the necessity to be fully powered up to have a chance. I then ripped through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ripoffs; Final Fight ripoffs; a Samurai Showdown ripoff; a Wonder Boy ripoff; and even a ripoff of their own game, a version of Side Pocket with the rote possibility of exposing the breasts of 80s-era generic anime girls. It’s much less erotic than it sounds, and this comes from a person who routinely desires to see breasts.

This week, as picked by my Backloggery, I look to tackle the remake/reboot of… Jesus Jumping Christ, another freaking Wonder Boy clone! Not many people realize that Adventure Island is just Wonder Boy by a different developer with a more charismatic mascot (based off of legendary gamer “Master” Toshiyuki Takahashi), but it’s true. Somewhat ironically, Hudson’s game got more famous, drawing numerous sequels; and this reboot before Hudson was gobbled up by Konami, blown up, and forced into the unenviable fate of whoring out their profitable properties for “social” mobile games. I haven’t done much with this Wii adaptation, but here’s hoping it’s worthy of the name that Hudson once had before Konami destroyed them and everything they stood for.

As usual, game time is 9:30 EST!

Christopher Bowen

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