New Raptr Reward for Xbox Live Silver Members

Raptr has launched a new reward for members with an XBox Live Silver Account who live in the United States. Raptr members can claim a free month of Xbox Live Gold and get two free XBLA games, The Maw and R-Type Dimensions.

The Maw is an action platformer from Twisted Pixel, the makers of ‘Splosion Man, that usually retails for 800 MS Points. R-Type Dimensions is a classic side-scrolling shooter with local and Xbox Live co-op that usually costs 1200 MS Points.

To qualify for the promotion, one needs to be a Raptr member who currently has an XBox Live Silver Account. The promotion is not available for those who already have Gold Accounts.

Raptr was founded in 2007 by Xfire co-founder and world champion gamer Dennis “Thresh” Fong. It is the company behind the Raptr service which provides gamers of all types a central location to connect with both friends and the games they play. Raptr has over eight million users.

Current users interested in following Gaming Bus on Raptr may do so by following its topic page, found here.


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