Activision Blizzard to Open UK Mobile Game Studio

Activision Blizzard
An Activision Blizzard spokesperson has confirmed to Develop that the publisher is opening a new studio in the United Kingdom dedicated to mobile games.

“We can confirm that we are currently putting together a mobile studio for the UK and look forward to revealing more in the near future.”

Martyn Brown, former Team 17 head of Worms fame and experienced UK dev, will act as a consultant for the project. reports that the final location of the studio will be in the Leeds area.

Actvision closed down Bizarre Creations in Liverpool in January 2011 and downsized FreeStyleGames in Leamington Spa before the UK government approved tax breaks for the British video game industry.

TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson praised the effect that the tax breaks were having:

“This is a massive vote of confidence in the UK games industry and demonstrates that TIGA’s successful campaign for Games Tax Relief is already bearing fruit. We have the talent, we have the tax breaks and now we are winning the investment. This is terrific day for the UK games industry, for people looking to work in our high technology, high skilled industry, and for the UK economy. We are back in the game.”

Analysis: Dr. Wilson’s praise may seem like an exaggeration, but I have to agree with him on this one since he managed to convince the government to give some much needed tax breaks to the UK video game industry. This comes hot on the heels of Codemasters hiring 125 new people and the French government also extending tax breaks for its video game sector.

It seems he’s just winning on multiple fronts. Can’t blame the guy for being optimistic.

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