GameFly to Publish Games for Mobile and Open GameStore on Android

Continuing the company’s expansion into digital initiatives, GameFly has announced that it plans to begin publishing mobile games on the iOS and Android platforms as well as open the GameFly GameStore this holiday season on the Android. This follows the company’s move last year to offer games for streaming in addition to the traditional physical mail rental service.

Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content, went on to say:

“GameFly is dedicated to giving consumers the best user experience possible, and to be their single destination for console, PC and mobile gaming needs… We plan to be a leading player in mobile games by launching our retail GameStore for Android and helping to fund mobile developers of all sizes to publish, promote and sell their smartphone and tablet games.”

Independent mobile developers who are currently working on a game for mobile devices may want to take note that GameFly is taking submissions at this very moment and can be e-mailed at The first title by the company to be published is expected to be released this summer.

Analysis: Clearly not content with only offering a physical mailing system, GameFly has made some significant moves as of late within the digital distribution market. After moving in and offering a comparable service to Steam, it appears the company is attempting to offer an alternative to Kickstarter, at least on the mobile level.

This is certainly an interesting move by the company. In fact, it may even be seen as a more viable option for some as it provides both the funding and distributing through one deal. I’m curious to see what studios and games decide to skip on the whole Kickstarter craze and instead choose to go down this path. GameFly seems to acknowledge the direction the industry is taking: instead of wallowing in their specialty of physical media, they’ve embraced the digital push we have seen over the last few years, albeit in a small way to begin with. It’s certainly a more welcoming endeavour than that of EA’s Project 10 Dollar, although one particular downside is that Android owners will have another app store to contend with.

However, I have to hope that GameFly doesn’t forget about its roots as a physical mail rental service and remembers to not only increases its stock for each game to avoid long waiting cues, but also possibly consider expanding into new countries. Maybe Australia, for example? That would be awfully nice.

Nathan Wood

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