Sony Announces New Ultimate Deals for PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store
Sony announced that it will start releasing Ultimate Editions of its PS3 games in the PlayStation Store today.

Ultimate Editions consist of full PS3 games, with all of their DLC included, sold at a 30% discount. PlayStation Plus members will receive an increased 50% discount off all Ultimate Edition bundles.

To inaugurate this new Ultimate Edition system, Sony has released full bundled versions of such games as Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Just Cause 2. A full list of games available as Ultimate Editions can be found here. These Ultimate Edition bundles will be available until June 4.

Sony intends to rotate new deals each week.

Analysis: It’s an old tactic: give hot titles some time on the market, let it run its natural course through the sales charts, then bundle it up, slap a label on it, and start selling it as a Greatest Hits or Player’s Choice title for a lower price. Because such popular titles tend to attract consistent sales long after their heyday, keeping them cheap and available is a good business tactic.

It’s also a good idea to keep the game sales flowing on the PS3. Sony’s reorganization after its massive financial losses last fiscal year has reinforced the notion that the company has to keep its product stable and affordable. In the past, the technology conglomerate’s severe price standards have resulted in brutal losses for the company. If they want to take a step to reform, then they need to focus on making sure that their products and the titles that use them stay affordable.

This, to me, is a good step in that direction. Selling off classic PS3 titles in a complete form at a discount is a great way to provide value to customers without having to step away from the $60 new release price standard. However, the sad part is that the price reductions aren’t all that incredible, and Sony’s opting to use a rotation method instead of just having items permanently available as Ultimate Editions is an unfortunate touch. Still, it’s a sign that Sony recognizes what allowed the Xbox 360 to eat away the PlayStation’s market share. If they’re willing to commit to change, then I think that’s a positive turn of events for everyone.

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