Fez Patch Pulled from Xbox Live

Xbox LIVE released a patch recently for Fez that fixed a number of frame rate issues, crashes and removing some exploits, but the patch came with a problem of its own that caused entire save files to be corrupted. Although the issue can be potentially be resolved clearing the Xbox 360 cache, a sure fire fix has not been found at this point in time. This has led Microsoft to pull the troublesome title update from Xbox Live. However, the issue shouldn’t affect new players any longer.

Polytron posted an update on their blog, stating:

Microsoft has pulled the patch out of LIVE for now, so at least the problem won’t affect new users.
We’re trying to find out what happened and fix it as soon as possible. Like, in less than two months.

More details are expected to come after the weekend as Polytron attempts to “work things out with [Microsoft].”

Analysis: Those hoping to have a solution other than the already identified clearing of your Xbox 360 cache will be left disappointed, and the worse news is that a new patch doesn’t seem to be in the cards for quite a while. Although Fez was a great game that captured the attention of many, Polytron seems to struggle with the idea of patching a game.

How a patch was able to pass and go live with such a glaring problem troubles me, but sometimes things like this happen, unfortunately. Hopefully, news on a title update that doesn’t create more problems can find its way into the consumers hands in a timely manner.

Nathan Wood

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