Kazuo Hirai Steps Down from SCE Chairman Position

After becoming CEO and president of the Sony Corporation on April 1, Bloomberg reports that Kazuo Hirai will be stepping down from his role as representative director and chairman on the Sony Computer Entertainment board, although this move will not affect his principle role as head of Sony. Howard Stringer has also retired from his part time role as chairman of the Sony Corporation whilst Hirai will still serve a part-time role on the SCE board.


The successor to Hirai is still uncertain at this point, although SCE Japan president Hiroshi Kawana, among a number of other new executives, have been drafted to the board.

Analysis: Following the disastrous end to Ken Kutargai’s reign at Sony, I personally found that Hirai did an admirable job trying to right the ship at Sony. This move is more to do with the man wanting to focus on more pressing matters of the company such as the music, television, and phone divisions.

Despite being a gaming enthusiast himself, the gaming section of Sony is performing relatively well for the company when compared to the other divisions, and Hirai’s attention is obviously needed elsewhere. Hirai has personally vowed to accelerate his planned reforms at the company, taking the problems the company’s facing as “very serious, and we feel a sense of crisis.”

Another interesting tidbit of information that came from the Bloomberg report is that both Hirai and Stringer didn’t receive bonuses last year after the company posted a record loss. I was aware that the company wasn’t performing well in recent years, but it still somehow took me by complete surprise to hear that kind of information, painting a truly grim period of time for the Japan-based company.

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