Retro City Rampage Supports Free Cross-Play Between PS3 & Vita, where a number of indie developers weighed in on software pricing on the PlayStation Network, has revealed that VBlank Entertainment’s Retro City Rampage will support cross-play between the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions. If players buy it on one platform, they also get the other version for free.

Clever Beans’ Martin Turton, who is working on the upcoming PS3/Vita title When Vikings Attack, promoted the benefits of a “pay once” or free cross-play model:


“We think that the appeal of the ‘buy-once’ deal, which should hopefully attract more people to buy the game, far outweighs any extra sales we might get from people who are prepared to buy the game twice, especially considering that requiring two separate purchases would be likely to cause a fair backlash. Basically, we want to price the game in a way that would attract us to buy it ourselves.”

Analysis: I’ll be the first to say that cross-play between the Vita and PS3 is a neat concept, especially when the experience on the Vita is incredibly similar to that of its console counterpart. In fact, it’s down right impressive when you think about it. However, having to purchase a game twice on different platforms is something I feel few would do. If Sony wants to compete with the Wii U in providing similar experiences that the Gamepad offers, it’s something that Sony is going to have to look into and adopt.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, and The Show are three titles that players have had to purchase twice to get access to cross-play, and one would hope that Retro City Rampage is only the beginning of developers and Sony opting for a pay-once model rather than having to purchase the title again and again on different systems. If this becomes the standard, it would certainly be a nice bullet point to add to the features of the Vita now, wouldn’t it?

Nathan Wood

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