APB Publisher Reloaded Games Merges with Parent Company K2 Network

After a management shakeup earlier this year at GamersFirst, the parent company of K2 Network, the company has decided to merge with its subsidiary company Reloaded Productions, retiring the K2 name. Game investment group Arkenstone Investment, LLC, funded the merger. The company will simply be known as Reloaded Games from now on as the company believes that it is a more distinctive name.

K2 CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson is to take on the position of CEO at Reloaded Games. He briefly outlined what each business role will be in the future:

“This merger represents the beginning of a new era for the company…


“As we evolve our two core businesses; Reloaded Productions will continue developing and producing quality original free-to-play content based on the Unity3D and Unreal3 engines, while Reloaded Games will further expand the amazing platform that powers www.GamersFirst.com.

“Later this Quarter we will make further announcements about the future of the publishing platform targeting independent game developers.”

Frank Cartwright and Rahul Sandil have taken on new positions as well; Cartwright has been made COO and Sandil has become CMO.

K2 was founded in 2001 and focused on free-to-play MMOs, most notably APB: Reloaded and Fallen Earth. The GamersFirst free-to-play service operated by the K2 Network claimed user numbers of 28 million back in 2010.

Analysis: I’ll have to agree with the company that the name Reloaded Games is a bit more distinctive than their previous name, but this move is also a little bit more than just a simple name change. It’s an attempt to change the previous focus of K2 Network’s business model of importing Korean titles and instead start operating on cross-platform MMOs like Taikodom and Hailan Rising.

After APB was regarded as a failure under the reign of Realtime Worlds, I’ve heard far better things about the title since the K2 Network snapped up the IP, so I have faith in the company to continue doing well. Multiple individuals in the higher ranks of the company appear excited with the merger, and that’s certainly a good sign moving forward.

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