Steam Summer Sale 2012 Begins

Valve’s annual Steam Summer Sale began yesterday. From now until July 22, the digital distribution service will be selling most of its games at a discount and featuring daily deals on select games.

A new feature of this summer sale is the ability to vote on featured deals, which is an eight-hour long sale on a single title at a very low price, usually 75% off. In addition to these featured sales, there are also “flash sales” of items for very short periods of time.

As always, many publishers and developers, including Valve, PopCap, id, THQ, and Bethesda, are selling off their back catalogues in $50 bundles.



Analysis: Steam’s annual summer and holiday sales are always great chances to pick up titles that you’ve wanted for a while at a cheap buck. They’re also good chances to go crazy and buy on impulse a hundred different games that you didn’t really want all that much but my goodness look at that discount. With the addition of new featured and flash sales, the ability to buy on impulse has skyrocketed.

As is typically the case with these sales, if you’re willing to keep an eye on the daily deals, then it’s a good idea to avoid buying anything until it comes up for a daily or featured deal. While pretty much any game on Steam is on sale, you can usually get even better deals by waiting until the game is up for a featured sale. However, due to the frenetic and changing nature of the summer sale, you might just want to grab what you want now instead of having to keep tabs on all the deals that will be cycling throughout the upcoming ten days.

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