Nvidia Shuts Down Official Forums after Being Targeted by Hackers

Nvidia has had to suspend services after user details were accessed by unknown and unauthorized third parties.

Last week, the company decided to shut down its official forums after spotting “suspicious activity” on the site. It has now been confirmed that the suspicious activity was caused by hackers, who gained access to “usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords with random salt value and profile information.”

Nvidia recently posted a short update on their official forums:

“We apologise that our continuing investigation is taking this long. Know that we are working around the clock to ensure that secure operations can be restored.

“NVIDIA is continuing to investigate this matter and is working to restore the Forums as soon as possible. We are employing additional security measures to minimise the impact of future attacks.

“All user passwords for our Forums will be reset when the system comes back online. At that time, an email with a temporary password, along with instructions on how to change it, will be sent to the user’s registered email address.”

Analysis: So add Nvidia amongst the collection of companies attacked by hackers, a group that includes Codemasters, Cryptic Studios, Sony, Sega, and Riot Games. It’s become increasingly apparent that a lot of the bigger companies aren’t as safe as they believe they are and that any group of dedicated individuals can get access to sensitive data given enough effort.

I don’t condone or support any of this behaviour, even if it may be somewhat warranted due to corporate big guys doing their usual shifty business. It doesn’t achieve anything despite some claiming its intended purpose is to teach the companies a lesson, but in reality, it affects and hinders the real consumers a lot more.

Nevertheless, let this serve as reminder to keep separate passwords for all your different accounts and to keep an eye on any suspicious behaviour whilst online.

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