Raptr Announces RaiderZ Beta Key Giveaway

Raptr is set to give away another Raptr Reward in the form of 10,000 closed beta keys for Perfect World Entertainment’s game, RaiderZ. In the game, players will join together to slay demons in the world of Rendel. Along the way, they’ll find various items that will help them on their quest to discover the origins of the demonic invasion.

To qualify for the reward, players must have their Facebook accounts connected to Raptr and they must rank Amateur or above in a Perfect World Entertainment game, as listed below:

Ether Saga Odyssey Forsaken World
Torchlight Rusty Hearts
Jade Dynasty Champions Online
War of the Immortals Star Trek Online
Heroes of Three Kingdoms Battle of the Immortals
Blacklight Retribution Perfect World International


The closed beta for RaiderZ is set to launch on August 8. The Raptr Reward is available internationally, and winners will receive a code that they can redeem on Perfect World’s web site. More details regarding the Raptr Rewards system can be found here.

Raptr was founded in 2007 by Xfire co-founder and world champion gamer Dennis “Thresh” Fong. The company behind the Raptr service provides gamers of all types a central location to connect with both friends and the games they play. As of this writing, Raptr has over 13 million users.

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