Old SOCOM and MotorStorm Servers to Be Shut Down

Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced that they will be shutting down the online features and servers beginning on August 31. At that time, Eye of Judgment Legends will be shut down whilst the PlayStation 3 exclusive MotorStorm Pacific Rift, PSP title MotorStorm Artic Edge and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo will also see their online features come to a close after October 1.

Offline play will remain available.

Analysis: I wasn’t a fan after a slew of EA titles saw similar fates in April, and nothing has really changed now. If Atlus is able to extend the servers for Demon Soul’s even after having a sequel hit the market, then I see no reason why EA and Sony, two significantly bigger companies might I add, would have any trouble keeping their own servers open.

I don’t think many will miss the online features of any of the titles above, especially once you consider that MotorStorm has seen a quality sequel since. The PSP has been winding down after the arrival of the Vita, but that’s besides the point, and this matter is more about principle than anything else.

These particular server closures are a a bit more understandable, however, once you consider how old some of these titles are and especially once you compare them to the selection EA closed down, some of which were barely two years old. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to report, and I recommend anyone who has picked up these titles recently and is interested in the multiplayer to jump into it sooner rather than later.

Nathan Wood

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