Warner Bros. Seattle Studios Hit with Layoffs

Monolith Productions, Snowblind Studios, and Surreal Software, all three of which fall under the Warner Bros. Seattle umbrella, have been hit with an unknown number of layoffs yesterday. Last November, the studio was hit by another wave of layoffs with a approximately sixty people losing their jobs.

3D Realms founder George Broussard left a comment on his Twitter account before Warner Bros. themselves confirmed the layoffs in the following statement:

Due to shifting business imperatives, WB Games Seattle has made staff reductions. The group will continue to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

WB Games Seattle is currently working on Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-earth, and it is unknown at this point if there are any other games under development.

Analysis: Another week, another wave of layoffs hits a game studio. It really is becoming completely ridiculous how many people seem to be losing their jobs as of late, and I send my deepest regards to those who were affected. Hopefully, they can find more stable work as soon as possible.

At some point, though, I think all these layoffs are going to hinder the next generation of up and coming people who hope to get into the game development business. As much of a dream as it may be to a person, if the industry appears far too unstable and proves incredibly difficult to hold a job for any length of time, I’d imagine a number of people will be turned off and find another career outside of game development. I sure hope I’m wrong, though.

Nathan Wood

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