Capcom Enjoys Almost 300% Net Profit Increase in Q1

Capcom has recently released their first quarter report, which states the publisher has seen net profits jump by almost 300% in a quarter where they experienced a “recovery trend” within the market as Dragon’s Dogma went on to sell more than 1 million units despite unimpressive numbers outside of Japan.

The three-month period ending June 30, 2012, saw the company post revenues of ¥18.6 billion ($237.86 million USD), a 55.8% increase from last year. The company saw a 290.2% jump in net profits, pulling in ¥1.3 billion ($16.62 million). Digital was responsible for a majority of the income for the company this quarter as Capcom’s Digital Contents group reported a 78.8% increase in revenue, posting ¥13.7 billion ($175 million).

Social gaming has taken a hit for the publisher as titles like The Smurfs’ Village didn’t sell particularly well, although an additional 2 million users registered during the quarter.

Capcom also stated that “first quarter performance is a good start toward reaching the fiscal year forecast,” a forecast that will not be revised at this point and time.

Capcom’s report is embedded below.

Analysis: I’m always pleased to hear a new IP do well in this day and age, although the territory that Dragon’s Dogma covers is by no stretch an entirely new experience. I can’t say I was too fond of the upfront attitude towards selling DLC to customers, but offering an absurd amount of DLC has really become Capcom’s specialty as of late. Hopefully, the sequel that’s said to be coming can address some of the game’s flaws and tone down on the push to get gamers to buy more DLC for a game they just purchased.

The fact that social gaming took a hit is no real surprise to me after Japan took a firm stance and made it illegal to use a randomized item mechanic known as “complete gacha.” It’s a mechanic that’s often paired with microtransactions, and it was deemed unfair by the Consumer Affair Agency.

Anyhow, it’s great to hear that the publisher is performing so well, especially considering the amount of backlash the company has received for their DLC practices recently and their treatment of a certain beloved blue icon.

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