Onlive Available in Belgium after Partnership with Belgacom

Cloud game streaming service OnLive is now available in Belgium as they have established a partnership with Belgacom to bring the service to the country on Monday. Belgian customers will have full access to the OnLive library, which is currently offering access to more than 200 games from over sixty major publishers with more games coming every week.

All Belgacom Internet customers will be getting one month of free unlimited access to OnLive’s PlayPack games, an offer that will be open until September 30 for a subscription that normally runs at €9.99 (approx. $12.27 USD) a month.

Although the games are currently available in English, they will soon be made available in both Dutch and French as well. Belgium is now the second country in Europe where OnLive is available.

Analysis: I’ve always been a fan of OnLive and what they’re doing, and I’m glad to hear that they were able to expand into a new region and bring another alternative to Belgian customers looking to satisfy their video game needs. The addition of one month of free unlimited access is a nice touch, and there’s no reason why anybody in Belgium who is with Belgacom shouldn’t at least give the OnLive service a go.

If only Australia got their stuff together so I could have Internet that was capable of dealing with the high demands required of streaming content. Maybe one day.

Nathan Wood

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