Arma II Mod Day Z to Become Standalone Title

The mod to the Arma II title, Day Z, has found tremendous success, catapulting Arma II to the top of the Steam sales charts. It has since been announced via a blog that Day Z will become a standalone game.

New Zealand creator Dean Hall will be the project lead while the game will be developed by Bohemia Interactive. Hall went on to detail the project model moving forward:

“Development and updates of the mod will continue in parallel with the development of the game, so anyone who is playing the mod now will be able to continue to do so. The project will follow the Minecraft development model; fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price.”

As of right now, the game has its own site found here and that many questions people may have will be answered in the near future.

Analysis: The growth and success that Day Z has experienced is nothing short of amazing and it’s hard to believe how far the mod has come in such a short period of time. Next to the Kickstarter craze and the ending fiasco that was Mass Effect 3, the success of Day Z is one of the more prominent developments this year.

The announcement the mod will become a standalone title has been oft rumored over the last month and shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, especially considering that a lot of the sales Arma II came about because players wanted access to the mod itself. Being on top of the Steam sales charts three years after release is quite an achievement for any title, especially for one so niche.

I’m personally interested in whether this new title will be using the Arma III engine or stick to the current Arma II engine. Many are wondering whether this could potentially lead to a release on another platform besides the PC, although I’m not holding my breath.

This is definitely another win for Bohemia Interactive, who could see a lot more awareness raised in Arma III and breathing more life into the military sim genre. Looks like the zombies-in-video-games concept still has some gas left in it.

Nathan Wood

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