Indie Royale “Gone Fishin’ Bundle” Now on Sale

The latest Indie Royale bundle has hit. Titled the “Gone Fishin’ Bundle,” this package features seven games and several extras and will be on sale until August 20.

This time, the games up for grabs are Sol: Exodus, All Zombies Must Die!, Cubemen, Squids, Platformance: Castle Pain, Platformance: Temple Death, and VectorGeddon. Also included is the OST and artbook for Sol: Exodus.


For those who are willing to pay $8 or more, the album Pocustone by Floex will be included. Floex is also known as Tomas Dvorak, the OST composer for Machinarium. The album is available to stream here.

As always, the Indie Royale uses a unique pricing system where the minimum price for the bundle rises as more people buy it, but it goes does down for every payment above the minimum price. Thus, generous donors can make the bundle cheaper for everyone else.

At the time of press, the current minimum price was $5.49 and 8,300 bundles had been sold.

Analysis: This is a very eclectic compilation, as is typical for Indie Royale. Sol: Exodus is a 3D space game that runs off the Unreal Engine; All Zombies Must Die! is a top-down shooter; Cubemen is a tower defense game; Squids is a strange action tactics game; both Platformance titles are platforming games, of course; and VectorGorden is a Missle Command-esque game.

So is it worth it? That’s a matter of personal taste. Most of these games are pretty unrelated to each other, so not many people will want every title in the bundle. However, considering that some of these games sell for $10 on their own, the bundle is, at the very least, a good deal. Whether or not the deal is good enough depends entirely upon you.

Connor Horn

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