Xbox 360 Kinect Receives Price Cut

Major Nelson’s blog has revealed that the Xbox 360 Kinect will be retailing for $109.99 USD starting today. This price cut applies in North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific regions that sell the peripheral, and Australia and New Zealand will see the cheaper Kinect on October 4. No reduced price has been announced for Japan and EMEA.

The exact new price for Kinect will vary depending on different factors such as a given region’s currency.

Analysis: Kinect is now $40 cheaper than it was at launch, which is good for those who were waiting for a price cut to come around for the peripheral.

I’m not certain how big of an impact this will be over all, though. I imagine most people who were interested in the product when it was first announced already have it, so I don’t think they’d be buying a new one at the reduced price unless their original Kinect broke recently. Furthermore, the software made specifically for Kinect haven’t made the biggest splash ever, and the people who’ve gotten the most mileage out of Kinect have been hackers. So while I’m sure the lower price will attract some more customers to push sales, I’m not as certain about how long that surge will last or how much of an effect this will really have.


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