Google Play Celebrates 25 Billion Downloads with ¢25 Apps

Google has announced that its Google Play app store has reached 25 billion downloads and is celebrating with a promotion featuring apps discounted to ¢25. Developers to be featured in the promotion include Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat, and others. Google has also stated they will also have special bundles such as “25 movies you must own, 25 banned books, 25 albums that changed the world and our 25 top selling magazines.”


Google Play launched four years ago as the Android Market. It currently has 675,000 apps and games, a substantial increase from the 600,000 that were present in June. Google also had a similar promotion last December to celebrate 10 billion downloads by discounting some apps to ¢10.

The download page will have different deals depending on the day during the celebration. Today’s (Thursday’s) deals include widely renowned titles such as World of Goo and Cut the Rope: Experiments.

Analysis: I don’t currently own any Andriod devices, so I can’t benefit from this promotion, but anyone who does will probably want to keep an eye out for more apps to be discounted. Judging from the list of apps that have been discounted so far, it looks like there’s going to be some good deals to be had. While Apple was first to reach 25 billion downloads this past March, the fact that Google Play managed to reach 25 billion in nine months—after it took three years to gain just 10 billion—shows that it’s also growing substantially and can give Apple’s App Store a run for its money.


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