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The Monday 'Joe

Mondays are usually slow for news as people start to stir for the coming week. Therefore, every Monday, we will address one topic to start the week and get discussion flowing. It stimulates the week like a cup of coffee, hence the title.

Owners of multiple consoles sometimes find themselves gravitating towards one of their systems in particular more than the others as something of a selection process. The main reason lies in what games someone wants to play at times, but other reasons exist and vary per person. This week’s question is straightforward in this respect:

On what console do you play the most? Why?

Mohamed Al Saadoon: I can’t say PC? I guess that’s not a console.

The console I play on the most is the PS3 for several reasons. The most major one is that I’m cheap and don’t want to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of playing games online. Seriously, Microsoft, it was an archaic business model by the time the original Xbox was being phased out. At the very least, get all these ads out of my face.

Second, I did not get a PS3 until very late in the console cycle. It was actually my last console, the Wii being my first and the 360 being my second. I’ve pretty much played every exclusive I want for the Wii with the exception of a few late ones like Skyward Sword and Last Story, but the Wii U is backwards compatible, so I’m good for those. The Xbox 360 barely has any exclusives outside Halo and Gears of War. I’m not interested in the former and have played all three games on the latter. Most “exclusives” for the Xbox usually have better PC versions.

The PS3, on the other hand, has more unique exclusives, free online multiplayer, and doesn’t die on me as often (I’m on my third Xbox 360 now). I don’t know how they’ve managed it, but Microsoft has made a system less reliable than Sony’s, which I imagine is the most dubious honour. I salute you, Microsoft, for this epic achievement in engineering!

The Wii, of course, is made of Nintendium. I have the very first model (RVL-001) and it still works fine.

Nathan Wood: Since I was a kid, I’ve been raised on Sony’s consoles exclusively, so my main console of choice is the PS3 mostly out of a sense of almost-loyalty, to be honest. However, that doesn’t make me blind to the limitations and questionable services that the console provides, but I do appreciate the free online multiplayer and the few exclusives that are left. Uncharted and inFamous are some of my favorite titles.

Notably, though, I’m really considering getting a gaming PC built as this generation comes to an end, and I might skip on the next generation entirely. This is because Valve has essentially addressed my biggest issue with PC gaming, which is that I don’t have the comfort of my couch to complement my nice and big television screen. But with Big Picture entering the world and making linking a PC to your television an easier and attractive option, I don’t see why I shouldn’t pick up a PC when I finally scrounge up the cash.

With digital distribution becoming bigger than ever, Steam continuing to flex its muscles over the PC market and offer consistently great prices with their infamous sales, Good Old Gaming’s offerings, improved hardware, and now the ability to still sit back and relax on my couch, I wonder how I’ve managed to not take the plunge yet.

M. Ngai: Of the systems in my house, I’ve played on my 3DS the most consistently since I bought it because I tend to play a quick thing or two on it before going to sleep at night. Being able to play my DS games certainly helps in this regard. I’ve also occasionally played the Wii and my brother’s 360, but I don’t play as much on either one as my 3DS. I’ve played most of the games I ever bought for the Wii, but I can count the number of games I’ve played on the 360 on one hand. There’s also my PC, but I use it mostly for work and thus have very few games installed. Of them, only one at the moment requires online access—which is fine by me for the most part because it’s the one game I have where I actually care about that.

Regardless of which system I play, though, I spend a couple of hours at most on whatever game I’m playing at the time. Aside from my 3DS, my time spent on the other systems I’ve mentioned is spread out somewhat more evenly.

Aileen Coe: I do most of my gaming on portables and PC nowadays because I don’t have my own TV. I don’t have enough space in my room for one.

In terms of consoles, though, I had a PS3 long before a 360, so I’d have to say that. The PS3 has more of the games I tend to like playing, even if a lot of them come out for both systems. I also appreciate the free online play, even if it’s not like Live, and the perks of free games and discounts with Plus.

I wanted a 360 mainly to play the Mass Effect series since the first game’s not on PS3 and to play with people who also had 360s. However, I’m not fond of navigating through all the ads splashed over the 360’s dashboard or of having to pay for online play. I also haven’t touched my Wii in a long time, but that’ll change when I get Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.

Christopher Bowen: The PlayStation 3, and it’s not close.

Despite being the last of the three consoles I purchased, I prefer the PS3 for a few reasons.

1) Free online play. I’m a Gold member on Xbox Live, but it’s not because I like the service; it’s because I have to have the membership for this job. No, Sony’s online isn’t as good as Microsoft’s, but for my purposes, it’s good enough.

2) Free DLC. With some games, there are starter pack DLC that Microsoft won’t allow. It’s this DLC policy that forced Valve to abandon the system.

3) PlayStation Plus is far preferable to Gold. On PlayStation Plus, I pay for extras, $10 less annually, and they respond by saying, “Thanks for paying! Here, have a bunch of free video games!” What does Microsoft say in comparison? “Pay $60 a year if you want to play. Some of our games are worthless without Gold, and we don’t give refunds. What, you want incentives beyond our good will? Here, have 50% on a few hats, but only if you’re Gold. You’re welcome.”

For me, it’s not even really a matter of the games as most of what I play on the PS3 are games that are also released on the 360. And the Wii just didn’t have enough good games to really draw my attention to being anything other than a system that had a few must-own games and the ability to play my already-awesome GameCube games. But the PS3 is definitely my system of choice, and as my second Xbox 360 sits collecting dust and unable to open its optical drive, I don’t see that changing much.

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