Gaming Bus is Hiring!

Since Gaming Bus launched over a year ago, we have continued to grow and update daily. However, we need more writers to help with our output and sustain that growth. Gaming Bus focuses more on maintaining journalistic integrity and on providing accurate and in-depth information in our news articles and reviews than pandering purely for the sake of hits, such as this report of THQ facing a class action lawsuit over uDraw. We also focus on thoughtful features, such as this one on the growth of voice acting in video games and this series on GLBT characters in video games.

We’re looking for writers who can write at least one news story daily or semi-daily, though we will also take on writers who want to focus on reviews. For reviews, we can especially use people who can cover Xbox 360, 3DS, Vita, and iOS titles. People based in New York or California are a plus, though not a requirement, because a lot of press events are held in or around those areas.

While we can’t pay, we do offer some perks—we’re not expecting to get something for nothing, after all. They include top-notch editing and feedback from experienced editors and journalists to help you grow as a writer. Our experienced editorial staff has a combined fifteen years of experience writing about the industry, and your work will be looked at by an editor who has published novels. In addition, you’ll get the occasional review copy and comped trips to events; for example, one of our writers had his Blizzcon ticket covered.

To apply, send a news article written in our format to If you have work published in other places, include that as well. We look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you.

Gaming Bus Staff

About Gaming Bus Staff

The Gaming Bus staff consists of some of the brightest minds to enter the field of games journalism, bringing perspectives from all over the world and from all genres.