(SPONSOR) Retro Games Plus to Hold 20% Anniversary Sale

Disclaimer: Retro Games Plus and Gaming Bus have had an ongoing business partnership for almost a year. They also sponsor the author’s Then and Now column.

Gaming Bus business partner Retro Games Plus will hit their one year anniversary on October 22 and have decided to celebrate by offering 20% off all stock during their customer appreciation sale.

We officially opened our doors on October 22nd 2011 and want to thank everyone for their continued support and helping us get to our one year anniversary.

In honor of that we will be having a one day customer appreciation sale on Saturday October 20th. For that day only everything in the store will be 20% off!!!

We will also have free pizza and soda available as well as a Donkey Kong high score competition.
Be sure to stop by this Saturday and help us celebrate!

Retro Games Plus is owned by Kris Krohn and is located at 1761 Post Road East in Westport. They can be reached via phone at (203) 955-1090 and are in the process of opening a second store in Hamden, CT. They specialize in buying and selling new and used video games of all types.

Analysis: There’s not much to analyze here because it’s pretty obvious why a place like RGP would appeal to a retro nut like myself. Notwithstanding my business deal with Kris, they really do a great job of offering both popular and obscure games; e.g. they have the whole Miracle Piano Teaching System in stock. They also sell the games at prices that are usually better than what someone would get on third market stores like eBay. In addition, they carry new games and have a selection of used DVDs, game strategy guides, and a growing selection of both imported titles and reproduced cartridges of unreleased games, such as fan translations for Mother 1 and ROM hacks of The Legend of Zelda.

RGP’s stock can be obscure and mainstream at the same time, and Kris and his staff know what they’re talking about. I’m very careful about who I partner up with, so when I give my stamp of approval to a business like this, it means something. Anyone in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) is well advised to give them a holler.

Christopher Bowen

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