Nihilistic Software Becomes nStigate Games

Nihilistic Software has announced recently that they are reforming their company into a mobile games developer known as nStigate Games. This change comes after Nihilistic worked fourteen years on “retail boxed game development,” as they put it.

The company claims to be doing this “without any planned layoffs or leaving any debts behind.” However, they also note that they’re expecting to “get leaner” in the next few months. They have wished those who will be let go good luck in finding new jobs.

As Nihilistic Software, they have produced such games as Vampire: The Masquerade – RedemptionZombie Apocalypse, and most recently, Resistance: Burning Skies. They were last reported to be working on Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified for the PS Vita.

Analysis: As Nihilistic itself notes, this reorganization from a console developer into a mobile one is practically a routine nowadays. This is yet another sign of the shift in the industry, and companies need to figure out how to adapt before they’re swept away. In many cases, like this one, a given company reorganizes to refocus on something other than retail games. It’s either that or sink. Though they may not have planned any immediate layoffs, Nihilistic has made clear in their announcement that layoffs will be coming. All we can do is wish them well, whoever they may be, just like the company itself.

The announcement also gives no indication one way or another how this turn of events will effect their development of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified, but if its release date of November 13 is any indication, they must be far enough along that the impact won’t be too great. If anything, it’ll be something like, “Let’s wrap this one up and then focus on this reorganization we have in front of us.” What they’ll develop next as nStigate Games is up in the air.


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